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Testing heat systems in a simulated flat or monumental villa.



An important role for green hydrogen in future energy supplies.

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Integral method for energy transition takes first steps

With current developments in the field of sustainability, climate adaptation, viruses and population decline issues, the human need for buildings to live, work, and learn in, is logically changing. It is of great importance that the rather conservative building world responds to these trends by cooperating more closely and with greater commitment with residents, users, social platforms, and designers. On this basis, new constructions can be built that suit the wishes and wants of our time and take into account a rapidly changing future. This certainly applies to the energy transition, which is integrated linked to this.


Dr. Beata Kviatek presenting at the European Consortium for Political Research

This week Dr. Beata Kviatek, a senior researcher at EnTranCe | Centre of Expertise Energy and a lecturer at the International Business School, is giving a presentation on development of regional hydrogen economy in the Northern Netherlands at the international conference of the European Consortium for Political Research. The Consortium is the leading scholarly society concerned with the research and teaching in Europe. It unites over 300 institutional members in nearly 50 countries, which amounts to a global community of tens of thousands of scholars.


Thinking about creating an energy transition related campaign? - Better know these three aspects!

As awareness and concern about the current and future consequences of climate change increase, more efforts are being made to develop effective public communication campaigns on the issue (Rebich-Hespanha & Rice; 2016). If you are reading this blog, you are probably concerned about the future too and would like to make a difference by creating a campaign. I am happy to help you affect positive change - let me show you three important aspects to think about when setting up a campaign related to the energy transition!

www.energieopwek.nl (website in Dutch)

About the Energy Agreement

In the Energy Agreement for sustainable growth, it has been agreed that by 2020, 14% of the energy generated must be renewable, and by 2023 this will be 16%. The objective is a challenging task where the first question is: "How much renewable energy is currently being generated in the Netherlands?" Www.energieopwek.nl answers this question with current charts and tables (website in Dutch).